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Taking floor mats to the next level

Discover the future of rental floor mats, recycling, sustainability, better performance,
lower water and energy consumption cleaning mats.

Recycling Mats

Learn more on recycling of current washable rental mats, the problems, how to prepare current mats for future recycling

Flatbed mat washing

The future in mats, reduce water and energy cost, longer lifetime of any mat, add more recycled content.

Rippled Rental Mats

Why do rental mats ripple and how can this be prevented by modifications of the product.

We are on a mission to make (rental) mats more sustainable, change the way of cleaning mats using less water and energy.
Make products last far longer, the first step to sustainability.
At the end of life separate yarn and rubber to reuse the yarn and rubber in order to go to a more circular product.

Today we are able to extend the life of current washable rental mat by some small modification. At the same time we make the a little bit more eco friendly or better said less pollution.

Sustainability comes at a cost……a lower cost. Why wait ?

Let’s work together

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