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Our Story

Bob Mats was started in 1989 by Bob Ballings. At first selling mats for other manufacturers to laundries, later Bob went more into product development, helping existing manufacturers to improve their products and selling mats B2B and B2C

Development has always been the red line in Bob’s business. Many of his developments and idea’s are now used world wide.

In todays market sustainability is becoming more important, increase of lifetime, recycling, using recycled content, reducing water and energy consumption. bob’s focus is on these topics and his knowledge and network will take this industry to the next (sustainable level)

Besides development and working on the future we sell mats and rugs (mainly via our websites) B2B and B2C to both resellers and end users.

Past projects

White printable yarn combining hard and soft fibers. Hard for better brushing action. Combinations of hard and soft yarn are now an industry standard to remove dirt.

Hired by a German manufacturer who bought a Chromojet logo mat printer and rubber backing machine. Learned them how to make logo mats. Selected yarn and dye for wash fastness, rubber. Learned staff how to make mats. Had a machine developed to trim side of the yarn for clean yarn free rubber border.

Initiated the development of a camera system linked to a cutter to recognise carpet and border. Borders of mats would be cut automatically. This technology is now an industry standard in mat manufacturing worldwide.

Started development on NBR rubber compounds for washable mats. Knowing how to control rubber and the influence of washing / drying on long term properties of the rubber. Able to modify a rubber formula to build in shrinkage to compensate for shrinkage of the carpet. The number 1 problem for rippled mats.

Inkjet printing on a modified polyester carpet, Great results and fastness, sadly inkjet printing was to slow at that point. 10 years later inkjet printing is available for carpet printing


We rely on our network for many different industries to solve problems.


Build op knowledge in different fields and being able to combine this to find creative and practical solutions


On a mission to bring this industry to the next sustainable level.

Bob Ballings

Owner / Developer