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We are working on several projects to bring the use of rental mats to the next level. Projects below are individual projects but are part of a roadmap and linked together. Some projects are are not possible without the use of other projects.

Extreme Wash/Dry (Finished)

A new extreme wash/dry system to test for rippling of mats.

Border Rippling (Finished)

Why do borders of washable mat ripple, how to reduce this

More friendly rubber (Ongoing)

Nitrosamine, Phthalate Free, Zinc Oxide free rubber

Recycling Mats (Ongoing)

Separation of textile and rubber, how to make mats ready for this

New way of cleaning mats (Ongoing)

Save water/energy, increase lifetime of mats using a new cleaning method

Wash process of mats (New)

Influence of the wash process ph on discoloration of printing logo mats and to smaller extend ripple problem

“Looking for help in a new project carpet mats related, challange me”

Bob Ballings